From September 23-28, online companies, executives, and personalities will gather in Santa Monica for Social Media Week Los Angeles. To help showcase the incredible events that will be going down this year, Tubefilter will be offering daily previews of individual events. Check out the full schedule here and our schedule at a glance here.

A recent infographic from ZEFR explained how the vast majority of brand videos on YouTube come from fans. These creators aren’t shills; they just happen to like particular products and want to tell the world just that. One area where this type of fan branding is particularly prevalent is among YouTube fashionistas. Each YouTube kit is an arsenal of brand names, and the recommendations of top Internet beauty gurus can have a profound impact on real life sales.

A panel at Social Media Week Los Angeles will explore the way the Internet is shaping the future of the fashion industry. This panel will include Chastity Irizarry, Director of Communications at Collective Digital Studios, and Weylie Hoang, a YouTube fashionista partnered with that network; both of those ladies are heavily involved in I love makeup., the new style channel branded by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The other two panelists are Nathan Coyle, the EVP of fashion website Refinery29, and notable YouTube consultant Brian Rodda. What will the future of the fashion industry look like? And what should I wear to look super hot tonight? I hope the panel will answer both of those burning questions.

The ‘Fashionably Social’ panel will go down on Thursday, September 26th at 8 PM at Hollywood Studios. If you’re interested, you can sign up right here.

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