The creators of Noobcamp are nothing if not confident. Chaz Nenneker, Dan Angers, Christopher List and Dan Geyer are seeking $25,000 on Kickstarter for their new project, which they believe “will inspire more people to use film and television techniques to create their own amazing series.”

Noobcamp will tell the story of a disgraced professional gamer who must redeem himself by becoming a video game camp counselor. Its four creators, who collectively call themselves Mayview, are an interesting bunch. Their Kickstarter page drops references to Hitchcock and Mamet, but their pitch video explodes off the screen, as if Darren Aronofsky crushed an energy drink, watched some Freddie Wong videos, and then set out to make a web series promo.

Mayview want to make a web series focused on engaging visuals that allow viewers to connect their dots in their own brains instead of having an on-screen character do it for them. They show off this style in the Noobcamp trailer. “It’s the hero’s mission that we want to watch, not a rant about his backstory,” said Geyer. “By juxtaposing images, the contrast creates a third idea from within the viewer’s mind that pushes the story forward. That way viewers feel like they’re a part of the experience, versus having the story narrated to you.”

Geyer’s explanation is just a high-concept way of saying ‘show, don’t tell‘, and while there are actually plenty of other web series that follow that mantra, Noobcamp‘s visual style is remarkably fresh. It still needs another $12,000 (in just nine days) to reach its goal; since I’d love to see what this one looks like as a completed project, so I’m hoping the web series community comes through.

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