Top TV Shows On YouTube Average 8 Million Monthly Views

By 09/10/2013
Top TV Shows On YouTube Average 8 Million Monthly Views

The latest report to emerge from the bright minds at Outrigger Media analyses the collective presence of the top entertainment brands on YouTube. According to the study, TV show brands are the most successful, as the online homes of programs like The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and dozens of reality shows average eight million entertainment brand views on YouTube.

“Dozens of mainstream video content brands have a clearly defined YouTube strategy and are benefiting from a rich engagement with a meaningful new audience,” said Mike Henry, Outrigger Media’s CEO. “Our Top Entertainment Brands on YouTube report includes analysis of more than 616,000 videos and reflects how entertainment brand marketers are creating unique new tactics to build audience and inventory on the YouTube platform.”

Overall, TV channels account for the largest percentage of the top 375 branded YouTube channels (28%), with films (24%), sports (19%), TV shows (16%), and video games (13%) making up the rest of the measured channels.

Among TV brands, reality programs scored a whopping 49% of all views, but despite this domination, it is talk show hosts who sit at the top. Using Openslate‘s SlateScore metric, Outrigger named Ellen and Kimmel as YouTube’s two most successful TV brands. In my opinion, Kimmel deserves to lose all of his views after pranking the Internet with a staged twerk fail. Damn you, Jimmy!

So how do the top TV brands do it? For starters, entertainment brands that can work around a serial format (i.e. TV shows and sports) are more likely to turn views into subscribers thanks to the promise of future content. Film and video game franchises, even those that score massive viewcounts, can’t ensure fans will come around a second time.

In addition, the top brands, regardless of category, win on YouTube by posting tons of content. Ellen‘s channel has posted more than 4,400 videos, Conan has posted more than 2,200, and Kimmel is over 1,100. The NBA, the second-ranked entertainment brand, has posted an incredible 11,500 videos to YouTube.

In total, the top 100 entertainment brands generate a billion YouTube views a month. We can call Ellen or Kimmel a winner among these top players, but truthfully, as in t-ball, everyone here is a winner. Some are just winning a little bigger than others.