From September 23-28, online companies, executives, and personalities will gather in Santa Monica for Social Media Week Los Angeles. To help showcase the incredible events that will be going down this year, Tubefilter will be offering daily previews of individual events. Check out the full schedule here and our schedule at a glance here.

Vine is such a popular platform that it seems impossible for it to only be seven months old. In that short period of time, the six-second video making app has grown from a fun Twitter diversion to a full-on social network of its own, complete with a collection of stars, memes, and brand opportunities.

One of the companies investing heavily in the Vine community is Collab, an LA-based studio that works with top Viners like Brittany Furlan and Eric Dunn. Many of Collab’s stars have used their super-short form creative chops to amass more than a million followers. At Social Media Week, those stars will give attendees tips on how to grow an audience on Vine and how to use Vine popularity to build a presence on other social networks. The panel will also examine some top branded Vine campaigns as marketers try to figure out how to make a buck off a platform best known for lemon spittakes.

The ‘Growing on Vine’ panel will go down on Thursday, September 26th at 5 PM at ROC Santa Monica. If you’re interested, you can sign up right here.

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