Smosh’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is officially over. It began on July 22, 2013 and ended 33 days, $259,247, and one sincere and relieved thank you video later in success. Smosh stars Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla will now be able to add full-fledged video game creators to their growing multi-media resumes and the 12+ million fans of their hit YouTube channel and 3,941 funders of their crowdfunding campaign will have the opportunity some time in the not so distant future to play Food Battle: The Game.

Here are Hecox and Padilla showing their appreciation to all those who helped bring a long-standing Smosh tradition to a new entertainment medium.

The campaign ended $9,247 ahead of its original $250,000 goal, due in part to Hecox and Padilla’s epic seven-and-a-half-hour live stream marathon that broadcast the day before funding closed and encouraged fans to contribute in exchange for a variety of antics. (For instance, Hecox and Padilla may or may not have twerked on camera.) Smosh exceeded its crowdfunding goal, but didn’t come close to claiming the title of YouTube Star to Raise the Most Dollars On Indiegogo For a Video Game. That honor goes to Toby Turner, who recently concluded a successful $642,779 crowdfunding initiative for a videogame version of his Tobuscus Adventures.

Still, Smosh’s campaign was certainly successful (raising a quarter-of-a-million-dollars from fans in a month is nothing short of impressive) and Food Battle will soon come to a variety of video game platforms and devices as soon as a team of developers can make it. Plus, 10% of the dollars raised (or $25,924) will be donated, split among three different charities (Do Something, Child’s Play, and FEED USA), and some lucky city in the US (which, according to this mpa, is probably New York) will be home to a pink-frosted donut party, hosted by Hecox and Padilla. All in all, not so bad for a month’s work.

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