How do you follow up a YouTube smash hit that has scored more than 80 million views to date and brought in three million subscribers to your channel? For MisterEpicMann, the answer is ‘do the same thing, but with more YouTubers.’ The sketch comedian (real name Nick Sjolinder) has followed up his insanely popular ‘How Animals Eat Their Food‘ with an equally ridiculous sequel, with Harley Morenstein, Rhett and Link, Prank vs Prank, and Jack Vale joining in on the fun.

As we noted when discussing MisterEpicMann’s  recent collaboration with DJ Flula, Sjolinder is just now beginning to make friends in the online video community as he comes to terms with his overnight YouTube celebrity. In the sequel, his guest stars seem to be enjoying themselves, with Harley in particular relishing the chance to repeatedly punch things. “We let all the other YouTubers try out a bunch of animals,” explained Sjolinder, “and we picked the ones that were the funniest and worked best in the context of the video as a whole.”

After watching the second video, I’m already excited about a potential threequel. As seen in the sequel’s blooper reel, there are plenty of other animals that haven’t yet made the cut.

“The ‘lizard’ [from the first video] was originally supposed to be a spider but we didn’t think it looked enough like a spider so we renamed it a lizard,” explained Sjolinder. “That worked out well. We tried some other ones that didn’t work out so well, for instance we actually tried doing ‘golfer’ and ‘airplane’ as animals for some reason. No idea why. For the golfer, I just came into frame and started hitting the cardboard table with a club.” There’s a whole world of dining-themed comic violence out there, and thus far, MisterEpicMann has done quite a good job of choosing the best examples.

Though the ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ concept has become MisterEpicMann’s bread and butter, Sjolinder never intended for it to work out that way. “I had never imitated animals before. The concept literally just popped in my head and I called Ian [Deibert, his co-star in the first video] up and we filmed it that night.” Four months later, he’s working with the biggest stars in YouTube. Not bad for a college kid.


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