Before April 8th, 2013, Nick Sjolinder, AKA MisterEpicMann, was a fairly anonymous YouTube creator. On that day, he released ‘How Animals Eat Their Food‘, and his YouTube career took off. You could make the case that no single video has had a greater impact on its creator’s channel. The hilarious sketch has almost single-handedly brought MisterEpicMann above 3 million subscribers, and it’s 80 million views make up almost 40% of the channel’s total hits.

Sjolinder, however, doesn’t want to just be known as a YouTube one hit wonder. For MisterEpicMann’s latest video, he steps behind the camera to direct DJ Flula in his first ever collaboration.

The video is called ‘How Wolverine Has Fun At The Beach’, and it piggybacks off the recent release of The Wolverine. The sketch follows the same formula as ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’: come up with a list of ridiculous situations based around a theme, act them out, profit.

Despite his fame as a YouTube actor, Sjolinder’s passion has always been behind the camera. “I want to transition to behind the camera because I have always wanted to be a director,” he told Tubefilter. “While acting may be fun at times, it can also be draining if I’m doing that as well as directing, writing, editing, etc.” His first directorial role ended up being a learning experience. “It was nice to be behind the camera,” he said. “Although I’m not great at it yet, it’s where I really see myself in the long run.”

In order to focus on directing, Sjolinder needed to find the perfect Wolverine, and that’s where Flula came in. “Working with Flula was the best,” said Sjolinder of the German DJ/YouTuber/strange human. “He’s an extremely funny, genuine, and German guy. I don’t really understand why he is not the most subscribed-to person on YouTube. If my mom can spend hours watching a YouTuber, then that YouTuber is doing something right.”

We can expect many more collaborations coming from MisterEpicMann as Sjolinder gets used to his newfound YouTube fame and introduces himself to the online video community. “I’ve only recently become a YouTuber that people ‘know’ so I haven’t really had a chance to collab before. Also, living in Virginia and going to school means there are slim pickings for YouTubers to do collabs. Fullscreen has been a huge help in that department. You can look for some awesome cameos coming up on the channel.”

MisterEpicMann may be a new name among the YouTube elite, but Sjolinder has more than enough talent to entertain his now-large subscriber base. Next Friday, he’ll release a follow-up to ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’, and if it’s anywhere near as good as the original, it will be well worth watching.

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