Here at Tubefilter, part of our goal is to find the best videos on the Internet, but BoooTube has the opposite mission. The site, launched by Dutch creative agency They and designed by fellow Hollanders Amorpha, is a collection of the worst videos YouTube has to offer.

BoooTube is a Bizarro World version of YouTube, where dislikes are likes, high quality is discouraged, and the worst of the worst rises to the top. This may seem like an unappealing idea at first; after all, no one wants to waste another minute of his life re-watching ‘Friday‘ or Rick Perry’s ‘Strong’ ad. In reality, clicking a BoooTube video is a worthwhile activity for the morbidly curious, who can play a game by guessing when and how each video will go wrong. For some, it’s instantly obvious; for others, it takes a few seconds to truly open Pandora’s box.

This ‘watching a train wreck’ factor is distinct from the other fun quality of BoooTube: some of the videos are so bad, they’re good. If you can’t find anything to enjoy about an atrocious German cover of Soulja Boy, an insane baby swinging exercise advertized as yoga, or the legend that is Honey Boo Boo, you may need to lighten up a bit. Sure, these gems are hard to find amidst a sea of racism, verbal abuse, and downright sociopathic behavior, but that just makes them that much more fun when they do turn up.

BoooTube is worth a look. If it’s not your thing, try again after a couple beers.

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