A new app is adding another layer to user-submitted reviews. Lovvvit lets users upload videos pertaining to their favorite businesses in exchange for good karma, great online video cred, and – in some instances – big coupons.

Founded by screenwriter, director, and producer-turned entrepreneur Max Gottlieb (whose work you may be familiar with if you’ve ever seen New York stage version of Rock of Ages) the mobile application is like the video savvy offspring of Yelp and Foursquare. Users can use Lovvvit to make video check-ins (aka reviews in the form of moving pictures) at local bars, restaurants, retailers, and any other kind of establishment. The owners of those bars, restaurants, retailers, and other kinds of establishments can also solicit video check-ins on Lovvvit by offering discounts to patrons-turned-producers that end up shooting a spot.

Lovvvit essentially runs on the assumption that people who are already writing up their experiences at their most-frequented establishments will be happy to submit a video review, as will those who feel that text is way to cumbersome of a way to convey critical information. The businesses love it because they’re getting great commercials that have an inherent shareability that’s far greater than your regular written review (and, as they are user-generated, the videos don’t seem so corporate). The users love it because they’re getting discounts at their favorite businesses.

We recently spoke to Lovvvit Founder and CEO Max Gottlieb to ask how he got started with the idea and why video is the future of the business review.

Tubefilter: How’d Lovvvit come to be? 

Max Gottlieb: I was frustrated with simply ‘liking” or “checking in” to a business. I wanted to allow people the ultimate form of expression and appreciation for a business they loved by creating videos for the, connecting them to these businesses forever.

TF: What’s love got to do with it?

MG: Everything 🙂 People are on the web & mobile to connect. Love is connection. Lovvvit fulfills that connection by unifying passionate consumer with businesses they love….. forever. Our goal at Lovvvit is connect businesses and consumers in a way that hasn’t been done before.

TF: Who’s going to use Lovvvit?

MG: Everyone.  Shoppers get a true visual experience when making a purchasing decision. Businesses invite, manage, & promote videos to market their company in the best way possible.

TF: What makes this any different from Yelp or other review sites?

MG: We are not just a review site…. We are an experiential site where people can make any kind of content for businesses they love. These videos serve as great marketing tools for businesses since they are viral by nature and are shared across all social networks.  No text review site can match that.

TF: Will user-generated review videos be the restaurant critics of the future?

MG: Yes, with Lovvvit anyone can be a critic. Now you don’t need to have a show on The Food Network to be influential.  Users can reach thousands of followers with their mobile phone.

Lovvvit is looking to make a big splash at this year’s VidCon where the company will a ‘Lovvvit Lounge‘. If you’re going to the event, VidCon 2013 be sure to enter to win a free iPad mini ‪from ‎the app. Here’s how:

  1. Have fun and get creative shooting a video about a business/brand you love.
  2. Download the free iOS Lovvvit app, sign in, and upload your video to your profile.
  3. You must include “‪#‎VidCon” in the headline of your video upon upload for entry.
  4. Please share your video with us on Twitter and remember to tag @Lovvvit ‪#‎Vidcon2013.

The winner will be announced LIVE this Saturday at #VidCon | 3:15 pm at the ‪#‎LovvvitLounge (Booth 515).

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