Graydon Sheppard’s latest online video series isn’t like his first. The creator of the Sh*t Girls Say twitter account, star of the subsequent web series, and progenitor of the viral phenomenon that followed recently launched a new program on Nowness, a “global culture platform for digital storytelling.” Sheppard’s follow up to his cross-dressed, kinda clip show, critique on stereotypical feminine conversations doesn’t attempt to delve into the psyche of his subject matter. Instead, Pure Breeds is all about cute pups with prestigious pedigrees.

Here’s a primer, from what Sheppard told Nowness when asked how the series came to be:

I’m a dog nut. It used to be so bad that when I saw a cute dog on the street and got to pet it, I would cry. Purebred dogs and cats are odd in that they’re ‘luxury animals,’ so they’re gorgeous and have interesting histories, but they’re also just animals that like to play and that I like to pet. They’re usually presented as either snooty Westminster dog show prize-winners, or disease-riddled, inbred sad-sacks, and I wanted to find that place in the middle without ignoring those elements.

Each installment of the program watches like a segment from Dogs 101 narrated by an extra from Best in Show and cut together by an editor who normally specializes in pharmaceutical ads. The premiere installment features the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the breed’s namesake. Take a look:

No word yet on what other kinds of canines will be seen in Pure Breeds or how often episodes will be released. Hopefully Sheppard’s development deal with NBCUniversal’s Style Media for the television iteration of Sh*t Girls Say won’t waylay his Pure Breeds production plans. I can’t wait to see the episode on the Havanese.

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