YouTube Reveals A Shinier, Redder Subscribe Button, Will You Click It?

By 07/12/2013
YouTube Reveals A Shinier, Redder Subscribe Button, Will You Click It?

The importance of a YouTube subscriber is a topic of relatively frequent debate in the online video community, especially since YouTube has made it very clear it’s far more concerned with engagement than nearly every other online video viewing metric. But regardless of how much weight you give to subscribers when assessing the importance, influence, or value of a particular channel, one thing is for sure. YouTube still wants you to have more of them.

The site just this week unveiled a shiny new ‘Subscribe’ button, that’s far more noticeable and more red than its predecessor. Take a look. Here’s the old button in action:

And here’s the new one:

After consulting with my personal focus group of one, the latter looks significantly more enticing and far more easier to click. And although YouTube doesn’t have much to say about the new look – “We’re continuously updating our design to make YouTube your daily destination for the channels and videos you love,” explained a spokesperson when I reached out for comment – the design must be the result of testing that achieved statistically significant results.

In short, my guess is YouTube channels should see at least an ever-so-slight uptick in their subscriber acquisition rates, at least in aggregate. Have you seen any change in your numbers worth noting with the new ‘Subscribe’ button? Be sure to let us know.

FYI, screenshots taken from this video by OlgaKay.