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Tyler Oakley has been vlogging for six years, and over that time, his fan base has steadily increased. Oakley has now crossed one million subscribers, and with the LGBT community making headlines of late, we felt it was the perfect time to talk to one of YouTube’s most prominent gay rights activists.

Tubefilter: How does it feel to cross one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans? 

Tyler Oakley: It feels AMAZING to reach a million! It never even crossed my mind that it could even happen. It has been six years making videos, so it totally creeped up on me – but I’m so thankful for what it means. To the people who are subscribed: thank you – and stay tuned, big stuff is coming… ;]

TF: You’ve been a vlogger for almost six years now. What’s your favorite part of your job?

 TO: The people I meet! Whether they’re other content creators themselves or people who just enjoy watching – it’s astounding how many people I get to meet. Also traveling! There’s never a dull moment, and I feel like when most people are nervous about not knowing what they’re future holds, I absolutely LOVE having no clue what’s next.

TF: Who is a YouTuber who you haven’t collaborated with yet who you would like to do a video with in the future? 

TO: MirandaSings! I think she’s so brilliant. I would kill to do anything with her – I could literally just sit and watch her all day.

TF: What does the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down DOMA mean to you?

TO: It means the world. There are so many LGBT issues that are the difference between life and death for people all over the world, and hopefully advances with marriage equality can let us focus more attention on fixing those issues.

TF: On a related how, how does it feel to see YouTube throw its support behind the LGBT community

TO: I love it! It’s no secret that both Google and YouTube are extremely gay friendly, but it’s encouraging to see the websites back their creators that come from diverse backgrounds and show the world through video their own perspectives.

TF: You recently posted your first travelogue in 3 years. Which location would you like to ‘take over’ next? 

TO: I’m currently “taking over” the UK! ;]

TF: When you were a guest on My Drunk Kitchen, you introduced the world to your pepper mill filled with Cool Ranch Doritos. What other secrets are you hiding? 

TO: I have so many secrets, it’s unreal. Slowly but surely, if you watch my channel, you’ll learn them all!

TF: What’s on tap for the future? Any fun projects on the horizon? 

TO: Tons! I’ve got something amazing coming up soon, but it’s still being created day-by-day. It comes out next month, and it’s going to be insane. It’s something COMPLETELY different from anything I’ve ever done on my channel, and I’m sure my people are going to GO CRAZY for it.

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