Epic Meal Time Stars In TV Spot For Carl’s Jr., Bacon Included

By 07/01/2013
Epic Meal Time Stars In TV Spot For Carl’s Jr., Bacon Included

When you’re a national fast food chain that’s exhausted the majority of the names on the list of “It Girls of the Past Decade” as stars for your commercial spots (including Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Padme Lakshmi, Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowski, and more), there’s only one type of talent to tap next to sling your bacon-laden burgers.

You need the Sauce Boss, aka the Elijah Wood of the Easy Bake Oven, aka The Chuck Norris of Chicken Nuggets, aka the Snoop Dogg of Salisbury Streaks. You need Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time.

In Carl’s Jr.’s latest commercial spot, Morenstein is seen alongside longtime EMT cohort Muscles Glasses (aka Alex Perrault) in slow-mo, high-definition, and EMT swag contemplating and then devouring the limited time only Super Bacon Cheeseburger, which comes complete with six (count ‘em! six) strips of bacon. The broadcast television spot comes complete with a Morenstein voice over and bad words bleeped out by vaguely familiar animal noises, both of which are typical of your regularly scheduled Epic Meal Time videos.


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Carl’s Jr. and Epic Meal Time are an obvious palatable pairing, but here’s why the partnership works in the words of Carl’s Jr.’s parent company CKE Restaurant Holdings’ Chief Marketing Officer, Brad Haley:

The Super Bacon Cheeseburger is a truly epic creation that celebrates all that is glorious about bacon. Who better to help us advertise it than the stars of Epic Meal Time, Harley and Muscles Glasses, whose love for bacon is so extreme that it, at times, borders on inappropriate?

Our target audience of young, hungry guys spends a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, and the Epic Meal Time channel is a favorite. In the new spot, fans of Epic Meal Time will even recognize Muscles Glasses’ trademark t-shirt with ‘Bacon Strips &’ repeated several times on the front. The spot does a perfect job getting across our message that the Super Bacon Cheeseburger has a lot of bacon on it or, as the ad states, ‘bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon.’

Catch the advertisement, created by Los Angeles and Amsterdam-based creative agency 72andsunny, on your television set or on your internet connect device at the Carl’s Jr. YouTube channel. Salivation and/or disgust may ensue.

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