‘Welcome To Sanditon’ Adds Real Items To Fictional Community With Subblime

By 06/25/2013
‘Welcome To Sanditon’ Adds Real Items To Fictional Community With Subblime

Welcome To Sanditon, the spin-off to the ultra-popular Lizzie Bennet Diaries, features an innovative community in which the series’ fans are invited to become residents in the fictional community of Sanditon. Of course, since no American town is complete without some good old-fashioned consumerism, the Sanditon community is now expanding into marketing real life items.

Welcome to Sanditon is now a user on Subblime, where it is showing off some of the wares used in the show and by denizens of its Jane Austen-inspired virtual city. Should a fan of the program (or its predecessor) be so inclined to purchase one or more of those wares through Sanditon’s Subblime page, both Sanditon and Subblime would receive a small percentage of the item’s purchase price in the form of revenue generated by an affiliate link.

The Sanditon-Subblime match is a fitting one. Sanditon is part of the DECA multi-channel network, whose Kin Community subnetwork already is in possession of featured channels on Subblime. So, much of the show’s sizable audience may already be familiar with the new platform through other avenues. Even without bringing up partnerships, however, it simply makes sense for a series whose viewers are almost entirely female to pair up with a site whose initial users are also lacking in the Y-chromosome department.

Chalk it up as another interesting transmedia experiment for the Lizzie Bennet/Welcome to Sanditon team, who are also continuing to crank out the episodes. Sanditon‘s 13th vlog recently debuted on the Pemberley Digital channel.

Subblime’s goal is to provide alternative revenue streams for YouTubers, as the site’s co-creator, WhatsUpELLE, will discuss at tonight’s Tubefilter Meetup. The Sanditon partnership proves that even fictional people are doing whatever they can to establish profitable models outside of YouTube.