The man behind Red Bull‘s second most popular video has scored another hit. Danny MacAskill, the Scottish bike trials rider behind the jaw-dropping ‘Way Back Home‘ video, has released his latest riding showcase, and it’s just as awe-inspiring as his most famous effort.

The video is titled ‘Imaginate‘, and it serves as the culmination of the series of the same name, which MacAskill and Red Bull debuted earlier this year. While early episodes of Imaginate explored MacAskill’s life and the constant injuries he faces in his extreme profession, later episodes are dedicated to the construction of a huge course to serve as MacAskill’s personal playground. In the completed riding video, we see the final fruits of MacAskill’s labor, and they are, to use a scientific term, totally awesome.

Imaginate‘ is incredibly creative, but the best part about it is how different it is from ‘Way Back Home’, to the point where the two videos are almost night and day. ‘Way Back Home’ takes place entirely outdoors, while ‘Imaginate’ is entirely indoors; ‘Way Back Home’ has a crooning indie rock soundtrack, while ‘Imaginate’ takes us back to the 80s; ‘Way Back Home’ is ultra-focused on cool stunts, while the nostalgic ‘Imaginate’ tells more of a story.

Of course, there is one thing the videos have in common: both are incredibly popular. ‘Way Back Home’ has scored 27 million views, and ‘Imaginate’ seems like it could have a similar impact. In just two days, it is close to a million views. The only way it could draw a larger audience is if it featured MacAskill jumping from space.

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