Beauty is one of the most popular categories on YouTube, and the YouTube beauty guru with the most subscribers has now managed to launch an event that brings together the entire style community. Michelle Phan‘s Generation Beauty recently had its first ever get-together, with 1,200 attendees celebrating the collective beauty and fashion senses of YouTube’s trendiest personalities.

Many YouTubers were in attendance; some, like Rachel Talbott and Lisa Filipelli, have MCN affiliations (both of those ladies are part of Big Frame) while others, such as AndreasChoice, MacBarbie07 and dope2111, prefer an independent model. Many of the attendees posted vlogs and tutorials detailing their experience at Generation Beauty.

Phan, who boasts nearly four million subscribers, started the event as a way to create a community out of YouTube’s previously scattered beauty scene. “It’s kind of crazy to think that six years ago this online community didn’t exist,” she said. “Girls posted makeup tutorials here and there, but there wasn’t a concrete community until YouTube happened. Once that was established, likeminded girls were networking with each other, creating beauty tutorials. As years went by, the community grew bigger and bigger, and I stepped back and realized there was no event to celebrate this amazing group of girls who are paving the way for the beauty industry. I told my team, ‘We need to create the first digital beauty conference.’ I’ve seen makeup conferences [for] makeup artists. I’ve even seen conferences for brands, but I’ve never seen one for beauty vloggers and bloggers.”

Given the event’s success, we can expect to see another Generation Beauty meet-up next year. This one can only get hawter.

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