Revision3‘s TestTube sub-network only launched a few days ago, but it is already providing viewers with some incredible thought-provoking content. The network’s newest show is Shots of Awe, where host Jason Silva rapidly delivers a complex philosophical idea while a hip-hop montage of cool images accompanies him.

Silva, who hosts Brain Games on the National Geographic channel, has an abundance of deep topics stored in his head. In one episode, he speaks his mind about futurism, incorporating the wild philosophy of Ray Kurzweil. In the most recent episode, he discusses what it means to be awed, a fitting topic given his channel’s title.

If Shots of Awe has a contemporary, it is PBS Idea Channel, the similarly philosophical and fast-talking exploration of big ideas that has now surged past 235,000 subscribers. However, where Idea Channel is flip and rooted heavily in Internet culture, Shots of Awe is more serious and aims to make the viewer ponder life rather than laugh.

So go forth and be awed, but don’t think too hard. Here is a video of a cat barking like a dog if you need to be brought back down to earth.

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