GoPro is a type of prosumer camera popular with the kids and professionals these days due to its high quality, durability, and small size, which allows skydivers, scuba divers, skateboarders, base jumpers, and other extreme sports enthusiasts to attach the device to their persons and capture footage from their points of view. And though it’s most well-known for filming action sports scenes, GoPro has also become popular with subcultures that aren’t represented at the X Games. Like biologists.

Brad Josephs is a “naturalists interpreter specializing in bear biology and ecology” based in Alaska. He recently affixed a GoPro to a rock in the hopes of capturing up close footage of grizzly bears in their natural environment while he could retreat to a safe distance. When Josephs returned to pick up his GoPro and check out the footage, he saw he captured material that was far more up close than he ever anticipated.

And if seeing what it’s like to be inside the maw of a grizzly bear wasn’t already the best endorsement of GoPro ever, Josephs reported the three-year-old didn’t even put a dent in the camera.

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