With the help of a well-known Hollywood actor, parents may start understanding a little better. The clever Funny or Die video of the moment is ‘Parent News With Fred Willard‘, where Willard and his co-anchor (played by Lynne Marie Stewart) report on the fads that are consuming the young people of today.

Topics teased in the videos include “How to do a Netflix” and “What does MDMA stand for? It’s not what I thought it was!” However, the majority of the episode consists of a report on the “Bank of Americard“, which our seniors think is the only alternative to writing checks. It’s a mix of clueless parents, senile old people, and, at least in my mind, the behind-the-times attitude for which the New York Times is often criticized.

With all these elements, Parent News With Fred Willard, which is directed by a Funny or Die contributor who just goes by “Bryan” (and also recently gave us Michael Shannon’s dramatic reading of the crazy sorority girl letter) basically ends up being a fictional version of Elders React, which, if you ask me, was always the best React variant.

Several other Funny or Die shorts have made the jump to full series. What do I have to do get this one to join them? Willard, best known for his work in Christopher Guest mockumentaries and Everybody Loves Raymond, can’t be that busy these days, can he? Is he sure he doesn’t want to relax on the Internet and do a funny show about the stuff that young folks are up to these days? Because that’s what I want him to want.

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