Type the question “Why is my YouTube view count frozen?” into Google and the search engine will answer with more than 1.3 million responses. It’s a frequent query from online video neophytes and usually happens moments after the uploader starts freaking out about why the view counter on his or her video has been stuck at just above the 300 mark for the last several minutes and/or hours.

The uploader isn’t imagining things. The view count on his or her video is actually on a temporary hold, but it’s all part of YouTube’s algorithm to ensure only legitimate views are added to the tally. According to the site:

Video views are algorithmically validated to be fair to both content creators and advertisers and maintain a positive user experience. This process assures that the video views are quality views and discards the low quality playbacks.

To make sure that all views are validated, as view count goes higher, they update less frequently and might occasionally freeze above 300 views to assure quality view count. This is the normal operation in YouTube videos.

But very few uploaders probably make it to the Google support page explaining the process, and more most likely submit “frozen view count” questions to whatever Contact Us form or YouTube email address they can find. YouTube has, apparently, grown tired of answering those questions.

That’s why the world’s largest online video sharing site just introduced a new addendum to its view counter. The “+ views”. If YouTube’s algorithm is currently number crunching away in attempts to validate a view count, the site will display the “+ views” to let all onlookers know. (You can check it out in the wild – at least at the time of this posting – on this video).

Nice job, YouTube! Here’s to one less #YouTubeProblem.

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