VEVO‘s most recent original series is also its most daring. The YouTube music network’s main channel is the home of The Comment Show, where vlogger David So breaks down comments on Vevo’s videos and provides his own expressive commentary.

The first episode of the series has received a smattering of dislikes, probably due to its generally overblown tone. The comments that So is asked to examine aren’t particularly funny or insightful, but he gives them a lot of loud, fervent attention. It all boils down to “Haha, some people on the Internet can be stupid sometimes!”

Still, even with its purposefully overacted style, The Comment Show has an incredibly audacious attitude, especially with regard to obscenity. Whereas other shows only hint at things like erections and masturbation, The Comment Show toes YouTube’s PG-13 line. Whether you think such references are warranted and funny is up to you, but you have to admire The Comment Show‘s dedication to taking its jokes as far as they can go.

The Comment Show has a lot of ideas. It has clever specific segments, including one where actual commenters read their comments out loud (or, at least, I hope they were actual commenters.) In another one, a funny sketch mocks a user’s racist comment. I think The Comment Show really wants to be liked, and So, who has over 470,000 subscribers on his own channel, has enough charisma to carry a heavy load. All that’s missing is solid writing, which, admittedly, can be a dealbreaking flaw for some people. I guess I’ll have to leave a comment on the video expressing my views and see how So and Vevo respond.

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