YouTube’s Creator Playbook is a one click guide to the site’s best practices, a tool that aspiring creators can use to synchronize their videos with recent YouTube trends and company goals. The most recent update to the Playbook featured some general tips for driving engagement, but YouTube is also look to reach out with more specificity. Its creator support team has launched five Playbook Guides, each one providing a more in-depth look at a particular genre.

The five genres that have their own guides are Music, Sports, Nonprofit, Education, and Media Companies; by downloading the appropriate PDF, creators in each of these categories can receive more focused instruction about how to make it big on YouTube. At this point, there are some notable omissions–top YouTube categories gaming, beauty, and comedy among them–but the creator support team will surely fill in the gaps if the guides prove popular.

This new feature hints at YouTube’s Newfronts strategy; the site teased that it would have an increased focus on specific genres, such as music and live streaming, and this seems like a logical first step. Rubik’s Cube jugglers, unfortunately, may have to wait a long time for their guide to arrive.

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