Jesse Wellens and Jeana, the practical joking couple behind the Prank Vs. Prank channel, are fulfilling a lifelong dream, and they’re doing it in 3D. On their secondary BFvsGF channel, Jesse and Jeana star in a suburban version of Jurassic Park set in a residential garage.

Through the mischief of some sort of enchanted dinosaur toy, the starring couple are shrunk down to fun size, where they must evade a particularly saurian cat, because, of course, this is the Internet.

Jurassic Park will soon be re-released in 3D, and the BFvsGF video, which is sponsored by Universal, is among a host of videos released in the past few days that have featured Steven Spielberg’s revolutionary film. We saw an Honest Trailers episode making fun of it, and a future episode of Stop Motion Chalk Art will also involve the movie in some way.

Just like the actual re-release, the BFvsGF video has been needlessly post-converted to 3D, for a more multi-dimensional viewing experience. Said video is available on the Tompo channel, which specializes in 3D production. The visual gimmick is not overdone on the Internet the same way it is at the movie theater, so it’s worth experiencing if you can get your hands on some 3D glasses. Also, you don’t have to pay extra to watch this YouTube video, so that’s a plus.

“That’s something we’ve always wanted to do in the vlog,” said Wellens in the follow-up vlog, “is do, like, a high-production skit within the vlog. It was a lot of fun.” Looks like he’s thankful that he was able to avoid a grisly dino death and have a good time all the same.

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