Watch out, Freddie Wong: You’ve got company in the ‘parodying American Psycho‘ department. Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News, whose music appears in one of American Psycho‘s most famous scenes, has turned the tables on the postmodern film by starring in a Funny or Die video that remakes the sequence.

Lewis stars in the Christian Bale role, with ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic taking the place of Jared Leto.  Just as Bale creepily and scientifically breaks down Lewis’ music before chopping Leto to bits, Lewis gives a cold, exhaustive analysis of Bale’s acting before savagely murdering Yankovic for “parodying one of my songs.” (Yankovic’s ‘I Want A New Duck’ is based off of Lewis’ ‘I Want A New Drug’.)

It’s a particularly brilliant  video thanks to all its amazing small details. The drug Lewis takes in the scene (echoing a similar action by Bale’s Patrick Bateman) is labeled “new drug,” a reference to the aforementioned hit that Weird Al parodied. The clip of the original scene is synced up with the actual video, creating a perfectly timed echo. Even the sonic similarity between “Weird Al” and Leto’s character, “Paul Allen”, seems intentional.

If I shared every celebrity video from Funny Or Die’s library, we wouldn’t have space to cover anything else and we would be forced to change our name to Funny Or Diefilter. This time around, I couldn’t help myself. This offering is particularly special, and it’s a great way to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Lewis’ Sports, the album that started this bloody mess in the first place.

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