Certain questions run through my head every time I watch an Epic Meal Time episode. The first is always “how do they manage to eat all that?” and the second, inevitably, is “how did they learn to cook so well?” In my mind, the mounds of bacon hide the fact that the EMT gang is cooking up an intricate collection of inventive combinations and matching flavor profiles. It’s hard to see it through all the cured pig, but these guys aren’t just funny–they’re legit chefs. Now, they’re offering proof of that statement in the form of Handle It.

Handle It is the channel’s third show, and it focuses on specific recipes, giving fans step-by-step directions for particularly epic dishes. While Epic Meal Time jump cuts its way through the preparation steps, Handle It puts humor on a back burner in favor of careful instruction. In the first episode, Josh Elkin (aka EpicMook) and Harley Morenstein teach fans how to make three different kinds of chocolatey bacon.

A few things become evident after watching Handle It. EpicMook, despite carrying a title that suggests a lack of importance, actually seems to possess the most cooking chops on the EMT team. Secondly, Epic Meal Time needs just two more shows for a full weekly schedule, and overall the channel is looking less like a single-service exultation of the bacon industry and more like the cooking channels found in the Original Channels Initiative. Finally, these boys really love their branded cookware. How good can it possibly be? I think I need to pick up one of the EMT skillets to see if it allows me to grow a Harley beard.

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