A new feature on Google Street View affords users a look into the new home of aspiring YouTube creators. A collection of strung-together images allows curious online video fans to see inside the relatively new YouTube Space LA and serves as a dedicated tour guide for those who wish to live vicariously through the Space’s users. Alternatively, if you just think Google Street View is the coolest thing ever, this is also the update for you (but you didn’t need me to tell you that).

You can view the walkthrough here.

A quick look around reveals exactly what you’d expect: airy conference rooms, cramped production studios, and plenty of nerdy-looking YouTube types. Of course, there is the occasional surprise. As you can see in the picture above, a wild Freddie Wong appears. It’s fitting, as Wong seems to be one of the YouTubers who best utilizes the space, using it as a convenient work environment and communal collaborative space. Hi Freddie!

For the uninitiated, the YouTube Space LA operates classes and events along with ample production space. If this (or anything else we’ve written about the building) tickles your fancy, you can apply here to see if you’ve got what it takes to drink coffee in that pristine break room. Of course, you have to have an established subscriber base and an existing network of YouTube collaborations to work there, so most of us will have to be content with clicking around on Street View and dreaming of the day when we’ll get to operate those shiny new production consoles.

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