Reddit is a polarizing place. You either find it to be a massive rabbit hole twice the size of Wikipedia or a colossal breeding ground for arrogant atheists and angry men. A new web series from the social news site hopes to appeal to both groups. Die hard Redditors will appearance a series based around one of the site’s best communities, while haters will learn that the site is also capable of featuring adorable kids.

The series, available on Reddit’s YouTube channel, is a video version of the popular Explain Like I’m Five subreddit. For the uninitiated, subreddits are sections within Reddit where various topics are discussed. The Explain Like I’m Five subreddit asks users to explain complex subjects in a way that any old dummy can understand. The web series version takes this one step further by explaining each topic to actual five year olds.

Explain Like I’m Five toes the line between educational content and comedy. Landline TV, which has plenty of experience working with kids, has supplied the children, and the adorable exclamations they utter when complicated concepts fly over their heads make them the cutest toddlers this side of Kids React.

If you’ve had enough of precious YouTube children, however, you can still learn a bit about complex subjects like the Syrian Civil War. Yes, that episode does have a ridiculously bad explanation of socialism, but if you want actual explanations, you should go to the actual subreddit. On YouTube, it’s the cute kids who take center stage.

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