Doug Benson’s ‘Greatest Movie Ever Rolled’ Chills on

By 03/12/2013
Doug Benson’s ‘Greatest Movie Ever Rolled’ Chills on

Doug Benson, who starred in the ridiculous 2007 documentary Super High Me, has decided to make another movie, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled. The premise? It’s a film about raising money for the film itself, making it the Ouroboros of comedy documentaries. With such a wacky concept, it’s natural for Benson’s doc to find its home on the wacky world of the Internet. Sure enough, he is releasing it through the Chill pay-to-view platform, where fans can access it for $7.99.

Maria Bamford previously inaugurated Chill’s premium pay-to-view library with a comedy special of her own, and Benson now adds a more laid-back, smoky perspective to the platform’s offerings. After all, this is the guy who starred in Super High Me, a marijuana-fueled take on Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, in which Benson smoked weed every day for 30 days and recorded the results. If Greatest Movie Ever Rolled‘s title and trailer are to be believed, there’s still plenty of herb going around.


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Benson specifically noted Spurlock’s influence and the utility of an online platform when discussing Greatest Movie Ever Rolled:

“For years people have been asking about a follow up to Super High Me, and since I didn’t want to go through an experiment like that again, I decided to just make a movie about what my life is like now, while continuing to have fun using Morgan Spurlock films as inspiration, so I got together with some friends and made The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled. Since today’s movie theaters are filled with teenage vampires and hunger gamers, I decided the quickest route to getting this film to my fans would be online. I hope I’m right!”

If Benson sounds like the kind of guy you’d like to share a laugh (or a joint) with, mosey on over to Chill, where several Greatest Movie Ever Rolled t-shirt bundles are also available.

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