The Mark Malkoff Challenge, one of the My Damn Channel comedy network’s new offerings on MSN, has launched its first two episodes. The New York-based entertainer is up to his usual antics, using an episodic “challenge” as an excuse to cause silly encounters on the street.

Malkoff kicks things off by strolling out to the middle of Times Square with a razor and some shaving cream, instructing the many passersby to shave his beard. What results is an epic saga that spans multiple forms of transportation and temporarily introduces a new fashion sensation: the half beard, which I assume will be very popular in Portland in about five years.

Embedding is not available. Watch here.

The second episode has him trick-or-treating…in March. New Yorkers, being the kind and considerate people they are, mostly responded by ignoring him harder than someone who wants to talk about Jesus on the subway, but a few kind souls indulged him. One person even gives him an entire orange! How nice.

Even Malkoff things he’s at an all time high. “This series is some of my strongest work to date,” he said. “Many of the challenges I’ve literally wanted to do for years. It’s a pure mixture of comedy, perseverance, and insanity.” According to a press release, his upcoming episodes include the “Free Money Challenge,” the “Claustrophobia Challenge,” the “Cooking Challenge” and the “Wildlife Challenge,” among others. If I see Malkoff hanging around Times Square and bobbing his head like a pigeon, I’ll know what’s up.

The shaving challenge has already racked up over 240,000 views, rewarding Malkoff for his unflinching dedication to conversing with strangers. I could never bother people on the street so consistently. I would make a terrible sandwich board model.

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