Benny and Rafi Fine are getting emo. The duo behind React and MyMusic have launched Emo Dad, an animated web series centered around a sad dad and hosted on their main Fine Brothers channel.

Just like in MyMusic, the Fine Bros’ most successful narrative web series, Emo Dad derives comedy by mocking particular musical stereotypes. Instead of centering on a judgmental, scarf-totting hipster, Emo Dad follows the life of a 47 year old emo kid (man?), complete with studded bracelets, black clothing, guyliner, and a generally negative (yet poetic) outlook of the harsh realities of life. It’s safe to say no one understands his pain.

Emo Dad is animated by Two Animators!, who previous collaborated with the Fine Bros on their Charlie Brown parody. The titular dad is voiced Scott Chernoff, who played Ganon in The Legend of Neil, while the more appropriately-aged emo son and his friend are voiced by Rafi and Benny Fine, respectively. For a series about people who dress in all black and hate the world, Emo Dad sure is filled with bright animation and colorful voices.

To complement the first episode, the Fine Bros have released a behind-the-scenes video showing how the voices were recorded, and Two Animators! has offered up the episode’s animatic. In what is hardly a surprise given their track record, the Fine Bros have also launched a Twitter feed for the Emo Dad main character. Unfortunately, the feed still does not explain why everyone is hashtagging #SelfDestruct in the video’s comments. I guess I’m too old/happy to understand.

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