We’ve seen Harlem Shake renditions from YouTubers, the President, and the Miami Heat; thanks to YouTube, we now know that a collection graphical user interfaces can get down as well. A YouTube Easter egg causes the entire page to move about when the search term “do the harlem shake” is entered.

A YouTube product manager “discovered” the feature, and it officially kills the Harlem Shake. I can’t think of a new version of the meme that could be more original than the GUI boogie. Still, YouTube is a little late to the party (the meme has been around for over three weeks, which is about three years in Internet time), but I guess if you search for “do the harlem shake”, you’re getting what you asked for.

There’s no need to make too big a deal of this. It’s nothing more than a fun diversion and a reminder that April Fool’s Day is just one month from now. If YouTube is willing to pull this rabbit out of its hat now, who knows what kind of shenanigans they have planned for April 1.

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