For just a couple of months, we Android users got to feel like the unique snowflakes we’ve always wanted to be. It was back in late 2012 when YouTube announced an update to the YouTube Android app that allows users to send video to their TVs and use their smartphones as remote controls. Now, said function is available on iOS devices as well.

In my first article on this feature, I noted how it makes YouTube parties possible, as the “send to TV” button allows multiple users to build a collaborative playlist so long as each participant has the app enabled on his or her phone. Turn it into a game: everyone simultaneously sends a video to the TV at the same time, you watch them one at a time without anyone looking down at his or her phone, and then you yell at the friend who chose a Harlem Shake video.

You still need to have a game console, digital TV, or set-top box capable of playing YouTube videos, but so long as a technologically-inclined friend can provide the proper equipment, the large majority of smartphone users can now learn how there ain’t no party like a YouTube party.

As with real remote controls, we assume the YouTube app update will lead to many fights between couples who can’t agree on what video to watch. For those of you who will eventually have relationship issues thanks to YouTube, here is a video of some cute cats that will cause both you and your partner to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You’re welcome.

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