Web companions can help TV shows engage their audiences, but you know what’s better than a web companion? TWO web companions. NBC‘s Revolution has just launched its second online feature, an antagonist-centered series starring cast member Giancarlo Esposito.

The companion is titled Enemies of the State, and it follows Esposito’s villainous Tom Neville character as he attempts to determine who was behind the assassination attempt he survived during the show’s first season. Along the way, he will rendezvous with several of the show’s characters. The conversations will be intense, and the lighting will be gloomy.

Enemies of the State will run for five episodes, and as a typical web companion is wont to do, it will conclude just in time for the March 25th debut of Revolution‘s second season. Funny how that works out!

An animated companion to Revolution, titled Wheatley’s Letters, has also aired six webisodes on NBC.com. The disjointed, almost paper-like style of that series is reminiscent of one of our favorite web series, Dexter‘s Early Cuts. This time around, however, Revolution is opting for a much more realistic feel, a la the various Battlestar Galactica web spinoffs.

I’ll be frank: I’ve never seen Revolution, so I’m not really at liberty to judge whether it’s pair of web companions are welcome additions or nothing more than mere distractions. What I do know, however, is that they undoubtedly look good. I’ll be freaking out over a different premiere the week of March 25th, but if you can’t wait for the return of NBC’s post-apocalyptic whirlwind, the network’s online hub has you more than covered.

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