Snoop Dogg Lion‘s YouTube channel, WestFestTV, has mostly been home to his music videos and the smoky, rambling GGN Hood News series. A new offering on the channel is adding a satirical game show to the mix. Snoop is one of the minds behind Dime of the Month, where three fine ladies duke it out to try and become the most desired “dime” of the year.

Though Snoop provides a celebrity appeal for the project, his involvement in the actual show is quite minimal. All he does is introduce the host, who in turn introduces the audience to three celebrity guest judges and the three female contestants, who are judged on a series of trials such as shaking a Shake Weight or answering ridiculous questions. In the end, one lovely lady earns Dime of the Month honors, with a chance to come back in the final episode for a chance to be crowned Dime of the Year. It’s as if the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions were mixed with a rap music video.

There is a heavy dose of satire evident in the proceedings. In the same way that Epic Chef mocks cooking competitions while also exemplifying them, Dime of the Month satirizes shows like Project Runway while also being a fashion show in itself.

“Snoop’s GGN web series has been very successful for Snoop in expanding his online footprint and we look to continue that reach with Dime of the Month,” said Nick Adler, the show’s co-creator and an exec at the Cashmere Agency, which worked with Snoop on the show. “Cashmere’s relationship with Snoop has enabled him to continue to be a trailblazer in adapting new technology to maximize his online presence, while monetizing his brand. The Dime of the Month series continues to expand Snoop Dogg’s brand properties and we look forward to creating more original content with Maker Studios.”

Indeed, Snoop’s online brand is growing. He’s not just that guy from that one Epic Rap Battles of History episode anymore. He’s starting to branch out fo’ shizzle.

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