If you’re like me, you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day wondering what you can improve in your dating life. Vlogger OkayNate has had similar thoughts. For some sage advice, he invited four of YouTube’s leading ladies onto his show to shower him with a few handfuls of useful dating tips.

Said four ladies are Grace Helbig AKA DailyGrace, Hannah Hart, Beth Hoyt of Beth In Show, and mememolly. These four gals bring a combined 1.2 million YouTube subscribers to the table along with a wealth of romantic knowledge, which is conveniently broken down into four categories: Pre-date, what to do on a date, what NOT to do on a date, and how to follow up afterward. All four videos can be accessed from an introductory video featuring OkayNate, who serves as the everyman male lead.

The best part of the video series is the varying styles the four women bring to the table. Grace is earnest, Hannah is wry and sarcastic, Beth is passionate about her dating beliefs, and Molly is, um, British. The variety allows us guys to be assured that we are getting a general female perspective. We are getting a general female perspective, right?

OkayNate, who, like Grace and Beth, is affiliated with My Damn Channel, releases weekly vlogs; he launched his channel three months ago and thus has just a shade under five thousand subscribers, but once the boys of YouTube realize that he has connections to a quartet of attractive ladies, they will be flocking to his channel en masse.

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