Machinima and ULTRA Team Up To Bring Electronic Music To Target Demo

By 01/30/2013
Machinima and ULTRA Team Up To Bring Electronic Music To Target Demo

By aligning itself as the premier network catered to the video game-loving young men who populate YouTube, Machinima has built up a massive following, gaining more than 2.5 billion video views a month throughout its expansive network. Now, by partnering with another channel that reaches millions of young people, Machinima is continuing to move beyond video games to become THE network for men ages 13-34.

Said channel is ULTRA Music, the official feed of electronic music record label ULTRA. By representing top electronic music acts such as Pitbull, Inna, and Basshunter, Ultra has accrued more than two billion views on YouTube. Such a total is good for 12th place, one spot above #1 most subscribed channel Smosh. Its 1.139 subscribers make it one of the 160 channels that have passed seven digits in that category. It is unequivocally one of the largest channels on YouTube and an easy road through which Machinima can tap its target demographic.

Machinima head Allen Debevoise noted the two comapnies’ aligning audiences in his statement on the new partnership:


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“This new ULTRA partnership makes sense on so many levels, for both brands. The same fans, creators, and contributors on Machinima’s network also listen to and engage with ULTRA’s artists. Our viewers are the most engaged audience on YouTube and ULTRA Music content will provide yet another reason for our fans to tune-in to Machinima.  In the past, we have collaborated with some of ULTRA’S top talent to deliver extremely successful original music content and live streams, and we look forward to the many opportunities to connect our creators and programming initiatives with ULTRA Music’s extremely talented roster of groundbreaking artists.”

Machinima has used electronic music in its videos time and time again; with ULTRA on board, you can expect more phat beats, more bass, and, of course, the wubs.

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