Red Bull has developed such a reputation as a distributor of extreme sports content on YouTube that it’s easy to forget the other endeavors it is attached to. In addition to the energy drink company’s main channel, which boasts 1.4 million subscribers and more than half a billion views, Red Bull also operates several satellite channels, including Red Bull Music. Though the main channel continues to produce the company’s greatest hits, Red Bull Music–not Red Bull–is the home of the company’s first branded web series.

The series is called Exit Vine, and it follows the adventures of a guitarist and a drummer attempting to make it big in LA. The pair shack up with the drummer’s slovenly cousin, played by the always ridiculous HiimRawn. Along the way, I’m sure our intrepid heroes will learn the meaning of friendship and the burdensome weight of true love. It’s not an overly complex series, but the target YouTube demographic should eat it right up.

Exit Vine also contains an interactive element, as voting choices from the commentariat determine certain plot points. This week, viewers are invited to choose the group’s band name from among three unique choices. I like the name “Friend Zone”, but if you’re a big Hiimrawn fan and you want to pick his suggestion of “Fingerbanger”, I guess there’s nothing I can do for you.

With its audience engagement and the massive reach of its distributor, Exit Vine has a chance to bring more life to Red Bull Music. It’s not as cool as a video of a guy jumping from space, but then again, what is?

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