F My Life was one of the great Internet sensations of 2009, a funny, sad, cringe-worthy collection of fails, poor choices, and plain old bad luck. Four years later, the blog’s traffic has waned, but that’s not stopping Ben Giroux and Ray Chase of Awkward Universe from reminding us of the myriad fails that occur each day. The creative pair, in partnership with FML, are producing a series of videos showcasing embarrassing moments from the FML archives.

Giroux and Chase will produce at least four videos, each one showcasing multiple one-liners. “We decided to select five FML’s, group them together by a single theme, and rapid-fire them in a single minute-long episode,” explained Giroux.  “The best FML’s feel like a personal story being recounted by a good friend — it’s embarrassingly intimate.  We realized the best way to convey these pathetic stories was to eliminate production dialogue and replace it with morose, deadpan voice-over.  It’s like a trip into the humiliated psyche of our stories’ heroes.” New episodes will be posted on YouTube on the newly created FMLVideoGuys account.

This is not the first time Giroux and Chase have worked with FML. Due to the similar tone between FML and Awkward Universe (which purports to “put the awkw in awkward”), a partnership has existed between the two for over a year. Awkward Universe has produced a handful of narrative FML videos, each one running for over a minute and showcasing a particular story. Though the format will change for the upcoming videos, the central partnership is the same. “[Giroux’s production company] Small Red Cape handles production, Logan Burdick‘s company (Dawn Machine) handles VFX and finishing, while Didier [Guedj, the creator of FML]’s team in France handles most of the post-production,” said Giroux.  “It’s an incredible example of cross-continental collaboration.  A fitting process for a universally recognized brand like FML.  We’ve developed close friendships with the entire FML team across the pond.”

The first new episode will arrive on February 4th, and Giroux is hoping for a viral hit a la Shit Girls Say. “The brand is ripe for YouTube success,” he claimed, “and we’re humbled to become the faces of it.”

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