There are a lot of things one can do with a seemingly endless supply of user-generated content accumulated from 24 years worth of submissions to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

One can, for instance, launch an online video franchise (in English and in Spanish) with a celebrity host who showcases a trio of clips in each installment representing the perennially popular online video categories of Cute, Win, and Fail. Or one can launch a YouTube channel filled completely with adorable pet videos that are nearly impossible to watch without smiling. Or one can launch a series comprised entirely of sports mishaps. Or one can also launch a YouTube channel that appeals to one of our most basic of instincts and features human beings from the age of barely out of the womb to around four or five years old.

Or, one can do all five.

Fishbowl Media announced today the launch of Toddletale, a new YouTube channel and brand “celebrating babies and toddlers” and all the viral video fodder those two youth groups provide.
The channel is the fifth in Fishbowl’s YouTube library, which currently consists of CuteWinFail, LindoVictoriaFracaso, Petsami, and unFAILtered.

“We launched Toddletale with premium UGC clips of real life moments of babies and toddlers,” said David Beebe, SVP and GM of FishBowl’s Digital Studio. “Similar to Petsami, our pet-centric channel, we plan to use the next few months to grow Toddletale into a much larger brand that can further engage with audiences that enjoy our content. Our next step will be to launch a hosted clip show and then premium programming related to babies and toddlers.”

Those real-life moments of babies and toddlers Beebe refers to include easily enjoyable clips that represent the etymology of the channel’s name (which is “toddle,” to walk with short tottering steps in the manner of a young child combined with “tale,” a usually imaginative narrative of an event). Clips like this:

If Beebe can replicate Petsami’s success with Toddletale and its easily enjoyable videos like the one above, the brand and Fishbowl will be in a very good place. Petsami recently passed the 30 million views mark and just inked a development and first look deal with Revision3, which happens to have been recently acquired by Discovery, which happens to distribute Animal Planet, which could possibly be a home for Petsami shows in the not-so-distant future.

A similar trajectory could be in store for Toddletale, but in the meantime, get your fix of cute baby vids at

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