Making friends is hard, but I think we can all be grateful we don’t have it as tough as Amy, the main character in AOL‘s new black comedy, Playdate. After all, Amy learns the hard way that making friends is much more difficult when it turns out your potential mate is out to ruin your life.

Playdate, which has debuted on AOL On, stars Young Justice‘s Stephanie Lemelin as the aforementioned housewife, who feels trapped in her LA home and chained to her two daughters. That all changes when she meets Grace, who appears to be her gal pal soulmate. The first episode uses a deliberate pace and occasional shock humor to deliver a few solid laughs.

Of course, as is often the case, things are not as peachy as they may seem. A few episodes in, the series stops being a female version of I Love You, Man and starts entering into darker territory. Before the 13 episodes are up, there’s plenty of murder, deceit, and suburban satire to go around.

Playdate is produced by Michael Eisner’s Vuguru company; the premium content studio continues to have a strong relationship with AOL, having previously produced Greetings From Home and Little Women, Big Cars for the #6 ranked online video platform (according to Comscore). As with Greetings From Home, all of the Playdate episodes have been released simultaneously. Given the slow pace the series employs, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to watch it all in one go. You could even invite your own friends over for a little Playdate­-watching playdate–just be sure none of them are trying to ruin your life.

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