Gaming and music channels rule the top of the YouTube subscriber charts, and two popular gaming feeds are proving there’s plenty of riches to be earned from Call of Duty and Minecraft live casts. Syndicate, a 19 year-old British YouTuber who plays both of the aforementioned games, has recently passed two million subscribers, while the “comedy gaming” team at Yogscast has become the 14th channel to pass three million subs.

In order to thank his fans, Syndicate (whose age makes me feel old) has released a rap video called ‘Welcome Home’, in which he waxes poetic about the undead enemies in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Syndicate isn’t the first creator to offer a creative spin on the new game, but he’s certainly the most popular. ‘Welcome Home’ has been one of YouTube’s top trending videos since its December 30th release, picking up nearly 500,000 views in just three days.

As for Yogscast, the gaming hub’s main BlueXephos channel (which is signed with Maker Studios) passed three million in December. Unlike Syndicate, the Bristol-based feed started by Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane did not release a celebratory video, but it is a testament to the size of Yogscast’s following that normally-scheduled segments from its Little Inferno Let’s Play have still accelerated faster than Syndicate’s ‘Welcome Home’.

It sometimes seems like all you need to be famous on YouTube is a decent recording setup and an intimate knowledge of Minecraft. These two creators (and several others) are proving that with a lot of gaming smarts, a handful of personality, and a soupcon of British blood, anyone can have millions of fans following his or her every move.

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