If I started to break into song whenever I got nervous, I would probably consider it a positive life development. For Alex Schwartz, the lead character in creator Ilya Polyakov‘s The Very Awkward Life Of Alex Schwartz, breaking into song is a musical hell. Schwartz sang his YouTube debut one month ago, but Polyakov is hoping to bring him back for several encores. The Los Angeles-based director has launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $15,000 with which he can make seven more episodes of Alex Schwartz.

Schwartz is played by Alex Lewis, an actor who nails all the right notes of his character’s neurotic, depressed, edgy, and sensitive personality. The story tells us how, after a failed audition on an American Idol style reality show, Schwartz suffers from a form of musical PTSD, where he starts singing and dancing anytime he gets remotely upset. I’m more impressed at how the people in his life know to start dancing along with him.

I would be lying if I claimed to be any sort of expert on musicals, but the songs seem to be light and fun, and as far as I can tell, Lewis has a good singing voice. We haven’t seen too many musical web series (aside from, you know, that one from a couple years ago with the Doogie Howser guy and the Guild girl), but Alex Schwartz has enough charm to join that small number. If you agree, wander over to the series’ Kickstarter page and give it a hand.

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