Incomparable YouTube channel Epic Meal Time recently passed three million subscribers, but the high-Calorie cooking show doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. For the third year in a row, the EMT guys have released a Christmas spectacular, staging a parody version of A Christmas Carol while creating a tasty-looking snowman, Saucety.

In the episode, Harley Morenstein encounters paranormal versions of his three best friends; they appear to him as the ghosts of bacon, booze, and bitches. In the end, Muscles Glasses (playing the Ghost of Bitches) only shares his bitches with Morenstein once the Sauce Boss learns the true meaning of friendship. The best part? A subtle nod to Morenstein’s past as a substitute teacher (which he explored in great detail in his recent Reddit IamA thread).

Of course, it wouldn’t be EMT with a super-sized culinary creation, and the gang delivers with a snowman made of white chocolate Rice Krispies treats, candied bacon, Oreos, and other delicious treats. Does it top last year’s bacon Christmas tree? In terms of epic-ness, no. In terms of potential tastiness, absolutely.

Morenstein’s new show, Epic Chef, also released a seasonal episode just in time for the holidays. The competition’s two contestants were asked to combine several seemingly-incongruous holiday ingredients, such as green Jell-O, puff pastry, and holiday ham. While the judges mocked the results in typical Epic Chef fashion, they couldn’t fool me. The food looked wild, untamed, and delicious.

Can’t get enough EMT? Be sure to check out the recent First Drafts installment featuring the Canadian cooks’ first video.

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