This time of year, the world seems to happy. Cute animals frolic in the snow, families huddle by the fire in their matching sweaters, and a jolly old man delivers us present. At the movies, however, Christmas is the time for serious, Oscar-baiting films about sad subjects from throughout history. Two films about said sad subjects are Django Unchained (about slavery) and Les Miserables (about poor French people). Both will be released on Christmas Day, and a star from each film–Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway, respectively–have squared off on Funny or Die to determine whose film is sadder.

Hathaway believes Jackson can start complaining when slavery returns to the USA, while Jackson reminds Hathaway the characters in his film have great job security–because they’re slaves. In the end, it’s pretty close: while slavery is a sadder issue than poor French people, Hathaway’s film does have a sadder tone than Jackson’s Tarantino-directed romp. The entire argument is quite hysterical.

Also, it is amazing just how many big name actors are appearing in Funny or Die videos this time of year. In addition to Jackson and Hathaway, we also saw Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Jim Carrey in a Christmas edition of Drunk History released last week. If you haven’t seen that one, it’s also worth checking out, even if it is lacking in the gingerbread house department. Actress Brittany Snow has also appeared in a recent caroling parody on the site. As Jackson would want me to say, Christmastime is in the mothaf***kin air!

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