The ‘gamer who lives in his mom’s basement and lacks all social graces’ trope is nothing new, but a new series from Machinima-affiliated Studio8 is putting a spin on the concept by depicting what happens when said nerds interact with socially-confident comedians. The series is called Matt’s Game Chamber, and it recently debuted on Studio8’s YouTube channel.

The host of Matt’s Game Chamber is Matt Ingebretson, who lives in a basement owned by his “slutty sister Brandie.” Ingebretson, at least when in character, constantly mumbles through his script and exhibits nerdy tendencies such as authoring fanfiction and using the basement as a gaming lair. In each episode of Matt’s Game Chamber, he brings a comedian into his man cave and stumbles through an awkward interview while his subject spends more time playing games than listening to him. Check out the first episode, featuring Kyle Kinane, who we last saw mocking political ads on Comedy Central.

As the episodes go on, Ingebretson’s nerdy characteristics change as frequently as his guests. Sometimes he’s creepy, sometimes he’s unknowledgeable about pop culture, and most of the time he’s just plain awkward. Six episodes of Matt’s Game Chamber have been released, with at least three more in the works.

Studio8 has seen a decent amount of traffic on its channel, mainly through several viral videos it has posted. Matt’s Game Chamber has received positive feedback from its viewers, which may encourage Studio8 to make the series a very regular fixture. After all, you can only go so far with Susan Boyle parody sketches; with their new series, Studio8 could reach further out of the basement than ever before.

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