On November 28, YouTube’s Creator Support team chose VFX animator polcan99 as November’s winner of the On the Rise‘ competition, which seeks to spotlight several up-and-coming channels each month. As a reward, polcan99’s channel was featured on the front page of YouTube, allowing him to pick up 1,239 subscribers in one day.

The positive press generated by On the Rise is clear; polcan99’s one day jump now constitutes more than 22% of his total subscriber count. In the two week stretch following his victory, he has garnered almost one million new views to his videos. Did he become Ray William Johnson overnight? No, but he gained a new influx of support that is helping to support his channel.

That’s why, if you’re a channel creator, you’ve got to be excited about YouTube‘s recent announcement concerning the competition. A blog post has invited YouTube users to nominate their favorite channels as On the Rise competitors in 2013. Yes, this can include yourself, but any entrant must be a YouTube partner, consistently release new videos, and have fewer than 100,000 subscribers. Does this description fit you or your favorite YouTuber? If so, submit it right here.

The new nomination option is going to be a big hit for On the Rise. In my previous article about the program, I suggested YouTube should make it a fan-submitted contest. It just seems right that the catalysts who make YouTube channels ‘rise’ should have their say as to which ones will make it big next. My feeling has always been Dirty Loops, but they need to make some more videos before I can nominate them.

If you’re not into this sort of stuff, just relax. The contest will allow newly discovered YouTube channels to migrate right to your homepage. For now, just sit back, grab some popcorn, and check out YouTube’s newly-released Zeitgeist 2012 year-in-review.

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