Last week, The Fine Bros teased YouTubers React, the fourth variation of their popular React series. The first episode has now hit YouTube, with a collection of YouTube stars (all of whom have more than 500,000 subscribers) voicing their opinions on some of the most popular videos on the ‘Net.

I believed The Fine Bros would play something gross for their YouTube friends, but two of the three chosen videos were extremely famous ones: Evolution of Dance and Gangnam Style. Thus, this episode seemed like a prequel of sorts; we didn’t get a lot of genuine surprise out of our YouTube stars, but their personalities have all been established for the next episode. The third video shown in the episode, where a guy hurts himself on an iced-over pool, elicited the best reactions, so expect more stupid people videos in future episodes.

The first three React series are essentially Kids/Teens/Elders Say The Darndest Things, but YouTubers React hits a different note. The Fine Bros managed to bring together some of YouTube’s funniest, smartest, and most likable personalities, and the result is a series showing how you or I would react to these videos if we were funnier, smarter, or more likable. Therefore, YouTubers React possesses a relatable vibe, while still eliciting plenty of laughs.

At the same time, it was interesting to see some of the YouTube stars outside of their natural habitat, where instead of putting on a character they were free to just act natural. Some of them, like iJustine and MysteryGuitarMan, seem like the same person, but I was struck by how little of a psycho Harley Morenstein is outside of his show.

YouTubers React could still go in a number of different directions. It could become a commentary show about well-known videos (as the use of Gangnam Style would indicate), could switch up the featured YouTubers (how hard could it be to get Nicepeter or Hannah Hart on the program?), or could go feature YouTubers reacting to their own videos, which Smosh previously accomplished to hilarious effect. For now, we can only send in our suggestions and wait.

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