‘Police Guys’ Seeks Niche As Wacky Cop Show Parody

By 12/05/2012
‘Police Guys’ Seeks Niche As Wacky Cop Show Parody

The recent Squad 85 web series is the latest in a long line of police parodies, but it will soon be joined by another satirical web offering. Debuting in 2013, Police Guys hopes to take a straight concept and twist it right to its breaking point.

In the same vein as classic films such as Naked Gun and Hot Fuzz, Police Guys will poke fun at the stiff, serious nature of police work, featuring straight-faced and stern cops who make a mockery of their profession by shooting people on a whim and struggling to put on their bulletproof vests. The trailer for the production has been released, and gives us a good idea of what to expect.

Police Guys is the brainchild of Jon Lee Brody, who previously helped create Interns Anonymous, a series that featured a similar flair for unpredictable and occasionally Python-esque humor. This time around, Brody has enlisted the help of a few Hollywood names, picking out veterans from Transformers 3 and Little Giants among others. There will also be some cameos, but I’m not just going to spoil them, am I? That would ruin all of the fun.

Police Guys is slated for a January 2013 release, so keep tabs on Brody’s YouTube channel for more information as that date approaches. The trailer has managed to gain a bit of traction and a few mentions on Twitter, so don’t be surprised if Police Guys ends up being a fun, goofy romp.

Until that release date, let’s all try really hard not to shoot anyone for no reason.