‘Gangnam Style’ Cracks 800 Million Views, Now #1 All Time On YouTube

By 11/24/2012
‘Gangnam Style’ Cracks 800 Million Views, Now #1 All Time On YouTube

Four months after it was first posted to YouTube, Psy‘s ‘Gangnam Style‘ has reached the mountaintop. The Korean performer’s singing/dancing/screaming sensation recently broke 800 million views, and shortly after attaining that milestone it passed Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ video to become the most viewed YouTube video of all time.

Here are my personal favorite ‘Gangnam Style’ facts:

  • With over 806 million views, the video has more views than all but 81 YouTube channels. Psy’s official channel has over 1.15 billion views in total, making it the 41st most viewed YouTube channel.
  • Psy’s channel has posted 44 videos. The channel directly above it in views, Associated Press, has posted 63,614 videos.
  • OK, let’s do some math. ‘Gangnam Style’ was posted 132 days ago, which means it has averaged 6.1 million views a day, 254 thousand an hour, 4241 a minute, and 70 a second.
  • At its current pace, it will crack 1 billion views 31 days from now. What day is that? December 25.
  • The second most popular ‘Gangnam Style’ video is a live performance of the song that has been viewed over 152 million times. If that video were its own entry in the YouTube Original Channels Initiative, it would be the 11th most viewed channel in the project.
  • If the viewership of ‘Gangnam Style’ were a country, it would be the third most populous country in the world. The video’s viewership is around 16 times larger than the population of Psy’s home country of South Korea.
  • Did I mention that it’s averaging SEVENTY VIEWS A SECOND!?!?

So yeah, congrats to Psy, who seems like a decent dude who is engaged with his fans. I encourage everyone to celebrate by giving Gangnam one more listen. Not only would the first billion view video be a great Christmas present for YouTube, but if we hurry, we can crack the big 1*10^9 milestone before the world ends. OPPA!


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