Earlier today, we discussed a new show on Official Comedy, one of three YouTube Original Channels from Bedrocket Media. Another one of the company’s properties is Network_A, an extreme sports channel that has garnered over 11 million YouTube views. One of Network_A’s most popular series is Every Third Thursday, a show about a group of snowboard manufacturers who have a penchant for putting crazy features into their designs.

The newest Every Third Thursday episode is a branded effort, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 taking center stage. In order to prepare for the release of the game, the Signal Snowboards team has created a bulletproof snowboard. It’s just about as crazy as it sounds, and the episode takes an in-depth look at the entire board-making process, from initial design phase to the completed product.

Every Third Thursday, which has thus far released a nice little run of episodes on Network_A, could be compared to MTV’s Pimp My Ride in its audacity; after all, it takes a daring individual to take apart a bulletproof vest, only to reassemble it as the top part of a snowboard. In actuality, Every Third Thursday is closer to Ben Baller’s Insane Bling, the recent LOUD channel series about a celebrity bling-maker. Both of these shows take us behind-the-scenes of a craftsman’s workshop, giving us both a good sense of how the goods are produced and how crazy designs can be added into them.

The Call of Duty branding, at least for this episode, is very clear, continuing a recent explosion in brand video game web content that has already included series from Bungie, Bethesda, Gearbox, and Ubisoft. The episode culminates in a ‘live action’ Black Ops firefight that takes place on a snowboarding hill. I kept wanted to reach through the screen and tell these guys that a live action FPS is, um, war. However, they seemed to be having fun. The Signal team understands the draw of their show–bulletproof snowboards are cool–so more power to them.

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